If you want to leave the Czech Republic, either temporarily or permanently, you must complete all the necessary formalities and inform the authorities. If you did not declare your long-term departure, you would still have to fulfill a number of obligations in the Czech Republic, such as paying health insurance or utility bills, and your children would be legally obliged to attend Czech schools. You must also inform your employer of your departure and comply with the Czech Labour Code.

Temporary departure

If for some reason you need to return to Ukraine temporarily, temporary protection allows you to do so. You can even travel outside the Czech Republic, but only within the Schengen area. If you need to travel to other countries, you will need to provide proof of your ticket or airline ticket and state why it is necessary to leave (e.g. for necessary medical care, to care for relatives, or for a business trip, etc.). You can also now travel if you have been granted a sufferance visa.


Permanent return to Ukraine

If you wish to return to Ukraine permanently, you must first settle your affairs in the Czech Republic, in particular, give up temporary protection and complete the following other matters:


1. Give up temporary protection

If you do not do so, you would still have to fulfill a number of obligations in the Czech Republic (e.g. you would still have to pay municipal waste fees or your children would be obliged to attend school in the Czech Republic). Bring your biometric passport to the Regional Assistance Centre for Ukraine, where your temporary protection visa was issued. If you do not have one, you must come to the office of the Ministry of Interior (OAMP). You do not need to bring any other documents with you, the officials on the spot will fill in everything necessary with you.
Temporary protection can also be waived in Ukraine. In this case, you can contact the
Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kyiv or the General Consulate of the Czech Republic in Lviv.


2. Terminate employment

If you are working here, you need to terminate employment with your employer. If you are on probation, you may leave at any time during the probationary period without giving a reason. In this case, just inform your employer that you will no longer be coming to work. If you have an employment contract and are not on probation, you must agree with your employer when you will leave. You will then draw up a termination agreement together. Remember that your employer may not agree, in which case the notice period is 2 calendar months and starts on the first day of the month after you give your notice. You must give your notice in writing and deliver it to your employer. Keep the agreement or written notice.

3. Inform the health insurance provider

Once your temporary protection ends, your health insurance in the Czech Republic ends. You no longer have to pay premiums, but you will no longer be covered for health services. However, you must inform your health insurance company when your temporary protection ends. You can do this at the client service, but you can ask your health insurance company directly about other options.
Please enclose a certificate of termination of your visa and be sure to return the card to the insurer.
If you do not inform the insurance company, you may incur a debt for the insurance premiums, including penalties, which the insurance company will recover.


4. Withdraw your child from school

If your children attend school in the Czech Republic, make sure you inform the school of your departure and ensure that your child returns any borrowed books. Education in a Czech school will be recognized in Ukraine. Have the school issue a certificate of study for your child before departure. Download the bilingual Confirmation of Studies form. 

5. Sort out your taxes

If you have been running a business or working, you need to file a
personal income tax return.
You need to notify the tax authority (tax office) of your change of address (or delivery address) and any other details. Fill in the "
Notification of change of registration data" form on the tax administration's website.