Temporary protection is a form of emergency residence permit in the Czech Republic, which was initially set for one year. Currently (due to the ongoing conflict), it can be extended again for one year until 31.3.2024. It is issued in the form of a visa sticker in the passport. Here you can find out who can apply for it, how and where to apply, and how to extend it.

Attention! Temporary protection is a specific type of residence permit designed to help you temporarily during a period of war. Therefore, it is not possible to switch to any other residence permit except for family reunification.


Who can apply for temporary protection?

Citizens of Ukraine (and their family members) who resided in Ukraine before 24 February and then left the country (also applies to stateless persons and asylum seekers)

◦ Citizens of Ukraine who were lawfully residing in the Czech Republic on 24 February upon presentation
of a biometric passport (on the basis of visa-free travel) or on the basis of a short-term visa (up to 90 days).

Foreigners with permanent residence in Ukraine who cannot travel to their country of origin due to the threat of real danger.


For more information on who can apply for temporary protection in the Czech Republic, see the FRS website.


How to apply for temporary protection?

Temporary protection is granted by the Ministry of the Interior (OAMP – Department of Asylum and Migration Policy) or the Police of the Czech Republic (Aliens Police). They also operate in KACPU (Regional Assistance Centers for Ukraine), where everything can be processed in one place.

In some regions, there are a large number of applicants for temporary protection, so the OAMP or the Foreigners Police may determine where you need to apply. You must submit your application in person!

Be aware! If you have already applied for temporary protection in another EU Member State, you
cannot apply for temporary protection in the Czech Republic again.


What documents do I need to submit?

  • a form that you can fill out online 
  • a travel document (passport)
  • we recommend that you bring a photograph showing your head and part of your shoulders (45 × 35 mm)
  • form for legal entities  (you do not need to have a certified signature from the owner of the property).

How to extend the temporary protection?

Temporary protection must be extended! If you already have temporary protection in the Czech Republic, you will be able to extend it until 31.3.2024 by registering online  until 31.3.2023 at the latest. After that, you will have to visit a Ministry of the Interior office in person, where they will affix a visa sticker to your travel document. Visa labels will be issued until 30.9.2023.

When registering, you will enter your email address, to which you will receive a confirmation of your registration and you will also be told when and where to appear for the visa sticker. You must also provide your residential address and if you have children who are required to attend school, you must also provide the name and address of the school where the child is enrolled.

If you do not register for an extension by 31.3.2023, your temporary protection will expire! You must then attend the tagging on the due date or your temporary protection will also expire!


For more information on the extension of the temporary protection, please visit the official information web portal FRS


When does temporary protection expire?

Your temporary protection in the Czech Republic will expire if:

  • you apply for temporary protection or are granted temporary protection in another EU Member State,
  • if you apply for international protection in another EU Member State,
  • if you are granted a long-stay visa (over 90 days) or a residence permit or international protection in the Czech Republic or in another country. 


Sources of information:
Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic

FRS website