Foreign drivers in the Czech Republic need to be aware of certain regulations in order to legally drive a vehicle in the country. This guide aims to provide information on the conditions for driving in the Czech Republic, including how to obtain a driving license, register a vehicle, and comply with other necessary regulations.


How to get a driving license in the Czech Republic?


In order to drive in the Czech Republic, you must have a valid driving license. If you do not have a license from another country, you will need to first enroll in a driving school and take a driving test. You must be at least 18 years old and provide a medical certificate confirming you can drive. Some driving schools may offer tuition in a language other than Czech, such as Russian. The cost and duration of driving school in the Czech Republic can vary depending on the specific driving school and the type of license you are seeking. However, in general, the cost for a standard driving course in the Czech Republic can range from 15,000 CZK to 30,000 CZK, and the duration of the course is typically around 3-4 months. This includes both theoretical and practical training, as well as the cost of the exams and licensing fees. Keep in mind that these are just rough estimates and actual costs may vary based on the driving school and other factors.

If you do not speak Czech fluently, you will need to arrange an interpreter for the test. Here you can find the list of intercultural professionals (for the Prague area) that can accompany you to your exam. If you pass the driving test, you will receive an international driving license valid even outside the European Union. 

If you have a driving license from Ukraine that corresponds to the model driving license set out in the Road Traffic Convention, you can drive in the Czech Republic for up to one year without having to exchange your license. However, if you plan to stay in the Czech Republic for more than a year, you will need to exchange your driving license for a Czech one. 

To change your license go to the drivers' register (municipal office with extended jurisdiction) and submit:


  • Your identity document (biometric travel document with temporary protection marking, tolerance visa, asylum seeker residence permit card, etc.),
  • proof of habitual residence in the Czech Republic (e.g. rental contract, proof of payment of utilities, or other payments linked to the address),
  • your driving license (from Ukraine),
  • application for a driver's license - you will receive the form at the check-in desk of the driver's register (it is a unique form that cannot be downloaded from the website).


You will be issued a new driving license within 20 days. 


Do I have to register my vehicle from Ukraine in the Czech Republic?


If you are  staying in the Czech Republic for less than six months, or you have been granted temporary protection in the Czech Republic, you can drive your car from Ukraine without registering under these conditions: 


  • the car has valid proof of third-party insurance (green card). A list of insurance companies that issue green cards is available on the website of the Ukrainian Motor Insurance Office. On the front of the green card, there is a list of countries where the insurance is valid.
  • the vehicle is operated in a roadworthy condition. However, you are not obliged to bring your vehicle for a regular technical inspection at a technical inspection station in the Czech Republic.


Your car is considered a vehicle in international traffic. Inspections of these vehicles in the Czech Republic are carried out by the Police of the Czech Republic.


If you have been granted asylum and plan to drive your vehicle in the Czech Republic for more than six months within a calendar year, it is mandatory to register it in the Czech Road Vehicle Register.  Once registered, your vehicle will be subject to regular technical inspections.


Registration of vehicles in the Czech Republic by a citizen of Ukraine


If the vehicle is registered in Ukraine but has an approval valid in the European Union (it is indicated on the vehicle's manufacturer's plate, which is usually placed in the engine compartment, in the area of the right front door, or in the luggage compartment, depending on the type of vehicle) it may be registered in the Czech Republic and assigned a registration mark and a technical certificate.


However, if the vehicle is not approved in the European Union, it must be approved for roadworthiness and then registered (assigned a registration plate and a technical certificate).


For more information, please contact the municipal office of the municipality with extended powers, which you can find on the interactive map: Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic - Vehicle Registration


Buying a vehicle in the Czech Republic


If you cannot prove your address in the Czech Republic, you will be issued an export registration plate valid for three months. Once you have provided the municipality with your address, the vehicle can be registered.



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