In this article, you will find out where you can learn Czech. We will focus on institutions, organizations, and schools where you can learn in person as well as online courses. We will also provide useful contacts. The courses are usually divided based on the level of Czech language proficiency and also by age (for children or adults). We will advise you on where you can learn Czech professional terminology or prepare for studying at a university in the Czech language.


Learning Czech is highly advantageous as you may come across workers who can assist you with your matters and act as interpreters only in some places (such as selected labor offices or the Ministry of the Interior). Learning Czech will help you avoid misunderstandings at government offices, in finding qualified employment, or in dealing with everyday matters.


Where to Learn Czech?


  • The Center for the Integration of Foreigners (CIC) also offers a wide selection of in-person courses (in Prague, Kolin, Mlada Boleslav, and Liberec).


  • You can also attend Czech language courses at various language schools, but they come at a commercial price. You can find contacts in the Database of Further Vocational Education Events. If you choose an accredited course and are registered with the employment office, we recommend checking if you could complete the course as part of the requalification.


  • Employment offices also offer Czech language courses for newcomers from Ukraine (not only for temporary protection status holders). Inquire at the relevant employment office in your region. You can also seek advice from non-governmental organizations and integration centers.


For information about Czech language courses in Prague, visit the website "Metropole všech" (Metropolis of All).


Online Courses and Study Materials

The Center for the Integration of Foreigners also offers online courses divided by theme. In the e-learning section, you will find Czech for work, Czech for school, and even a video course for absolute beginners.

You can also find online courses on the website.


For learning Czech and acquiring basic communication skills, you can also use the following materials and applications:


- Movapp, where you can find a collection of basic communication phrases in Czech and Ukrainian, tools for practicing both languages and a learning materials guide.

- "Čeština2" - an online tool for multilingual children who are learning Czech, their parents, and educators 

- "Levou zadní" - Czech as a second language 

- "Kurzy češtiny pro cizince" (Czech Language Courses for Foreigners) 

- Study materials for teaching Czech to children from Ukraine


Czech Language for University Studies

A basic requirement for studying at a university in the Czech language is a knowledge of Czech at the B1 level. Some universities require foreign nationals to pass an exam. If you want to prepare thoroughly, contact the universities directly, as they offer language preparation courses for their prospective students. These courses will prepare you for entrance exams and also cover specialized terminology. You can choose from various fields such as humanities, economics, technology, arts, and others.



Similar courses can be found at most universities.


Sources of Information:

- Website 

- National Pedagogical Institute of the Czech Republic (NPI CR) 

- Center for the Integration of Foreigners

- Movapp website

- Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies, Charles University 

- Department of Czech for Foreigners