The Czech Republic has a well-developed public transport network. Intercity transport in the Czech Republic is covered by buses and trains, with a fairly dense network of connections.

In this article, you will learn about the types of transportation available, how to find transportation connections, and where to buy tickets. We will focus not only on traveling within cities but also throughout the entire Czech Republic.


Where to find information about transportation connections?


Information about public transport connections (trains, buses, as well as public transport within cities) can be found on the idos website. The page can be switched to German and English languages. provides connections for all transportation modes operating in the Czech Republic (trains, urban and intercity buses, trolleybuses, trams, and metro). Therefore, it is recommended to select only the timetable that interests you (you can make the selection under the "Choose a timetable" tab).

  • If you are looking for connections within a city, select the respective city; if you are looking for connections within a region, choose the "Integrated Transport System" of that region.

  • The web application also searches for international transport connections. If you are looking for an international connection, select "All Timetables."


Intercity Tickets

Once you have found your connection, you can sometimes purchase a ticket for intercity transport online (if a green shopping cart icon appears).

  1. Simply click on the shopping cart icon for the transportation connection.

  2. Choose whether you want a one-way or return ticket.

  3. Select whether you want a reserved seat (a specific predetermined seat).

  4. Provide an email address where you want the ticket to be sent.

  5. Pay online, for example, using a payment card.

  6. You will receive a valid ticket with a QR code via email, which you will show to the conductor.

  7. It is not necessary to print the ticket; you can show it on a mobile phone.


If you are unable to purchase the ticket online, please go to the bus/train station at least 30 minutes before your departure and buy the ticket directly from the transportation agencies on-site.


Discounts on Fare

Certain groups of people can apply for fare discounts. For example, children (who may have free fares in some cases), students, seniors, and people with disabilities (who must present a Czech ZTP or ZTP/P card). More information about fare discounts can be found on the carrier's website or at information centers and ticket offices. These are often located at train stations or bus terminals. To claim the discount, it is usually necessary to obtain a special document issued by the specific carrier.

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Urban Transportation

Urban public transportation (often abbreviated as MHD) can be operated by buses, trams, trolleybuses, and in Prague, also by the metro.


You can purchase the ticket at the ticket machine in the metro but remember to validate it before boarding the metro. Starting this year, passengers are no longer able to buy tickets from the driver in Prague; instead, they need to purchase contactless tickets from the orange machines. These machines are available only in trams and buses. Tickets bought in the metro can be used in buses and trams, but don't forget to validate them.


The validity of the tickets depends on the ticket type and duration, and their prices vary accordingly. You can find information about ticket prices in Prague here.


In some cities in the Czech Republic, transportation is integrated, which means that tickets for the designated zone for city transportation can also be used for suburban transportation. In integrated transport systems, different types of transportation (bus, train, etc.) cooperate and create a network of interconnected lines. Check the public transportation map on the website below to find out your zone.


Tickets for Urban Public Transportation

  • You usually buy a ticket for urban public transportation from a ticket vending machine near the stops or at a newsagent.

  • In many cities, you can also purchase a ticket directly on the means of transport by simply tapping your payment card on the card reader after boarding.

  • Alternatively, you can pay by sending an SMS (instructions for purchasing a ticket via SMS can be found at the stop, usually on the timetable board).


Recommendation: Before boarding the means of transport, find out whether it is possible to purchase a ticket on board or if you need to buy the ticket in a different way. Paper tickets usually need to be validated in designated machines on board. If you ride urban public transportation without a valid ticket (not only purchased but also validated), you may receive a fine from a ticket inspector who randomly conducts checks.


Time Pass


If you travel regularly, it is worth buying a time pass. Information on where to purchase a time pass, how to send an SMS, how to pay for urban public transportation, and how much it costs can be found on the websites of the urban public transportation of your city. Ticket inspectors monitor whether you have paid the fare. If you do not have a valid ticket, you will have to pay a relatively high fine.


Example links for individual cities:


České Budějovice 



Prague (Get a chip card called Lítačka and load travel passes for traveling in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region.)


For more information about transportation in Prague, visit the Prague Integrated Transport website:  or the Prague Public Transit Company website, where you can also search for transit connections.


Accessible Travel


A large portion of connections, especially urban public transportation, are low-floor vehicles. They are easily accessible to people with reduced mobility and orientation, including mothers with strollers. Low-floor connections are indicated by a wheelchair symbol in timetables.


Traveling by Car


If you are looking for a route for car travel, you can use, where you can find the best route (taking into account the current traffic situation) from point A to point B. When choosing a route, you can switch to public transportation, walking, or cycling. You also have the option to choose whether you want to travel on toll roads or prefer a toll-free route.


Electronic Highway Toll Sticker


You can purchase a highway toll sticker online here, where you can choose from a 10-day, 30-day, or annual sticker. You can also check the validity of your highway toll sticker there.


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