In this article, you can find out about the newly introduced changes regarding car registration for people with Ukrainian license plates staying in the Czech Republic.


From now on, a separate register will be established specifically for registering cars with Ukrainian license plates in the Czech Republic. This move aims to streamline the registration process and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

The following individuals will be eligible to register a car under the new regulations:


1. Czech citizens

2. Foreigners with a residence permit valid for more than 90 days or with international protection (asylum)

3. Ukrainians with temporary protection (temporary protection)

4. Ukrainians with a sufferance visa (sufferance visa)

5. Persons with a legal address in the Czech Republic or a registered branch of a company

The application for car registration can be submitted either by the car owner or by any other person holding a valid power of attorney and technical passport.

The registration process for cars with Ukrainian license plates will commence on October 1, 2023. For newly arrived Ukrainians in the Czech Republic who receive temporary protection or a tolerance visa, it is mandatory to register their vehicles within 7 days from the date of visa issuance.

The registration procedure will be conducted at the obecni úrad obce s rozsirenou püsobnosti, which can be translated as the municipal office of the municipality with extended powers. To locate the specific office in charge, a comprehensive list can be found here.

Regarding penalties, it is important to note the following details:


- Penalties for operating unregistered cars will be enforced starting from January 1, 2024.

- The amount of the fine can reach up to CZK 30,000.

- Fines will be issued to the person registered as the owner of the vehicle at the address listed in their Czech Republic registration.

It is crucial for Ukrainian residents in the Czech Republic to be aware of these new regulations and ensure timely compliance with the car registration requirements to avoid potential penalties.

Kindly be aware that the information presented here relies on the latest amendment and relevant sources accessible up to the time of this writing. For further details, we encourage you to reach out to us via our social media channels or call our free Refugee Info Czechia call center.

More information about the changes is available here.