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The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a global non-profit organization providing humanitarian and development assistance. Founded in 1933 on the initiative of Albert Einstein, it was originally named the International Association for Aid. The IRC offers immediate and long-term assistance worldwide, not only to refugees but also to individuals forced to relocate due to war, persecution, or natural disasters.

In collaboration with IRC, the non-governmental non-profit organization Slovo 21, which has been dedicated to helping Roma, and foreigners (including refugees and asylum seekers), launched the Refugee Info Czechia project on December 15, 2022.


We're Here to Support You

At the beginning of this year, we conducted both online and offline surveys to identify the challenges and unanswered questions faced by refugees living in the Czech Republic. We reached out to nearly 600 individuals to gather as much information as possible. Based on the survey results, which helped pinpoint the needs of newcomers from Ukraine, we've compiled a comprehensive list of organizations and integration centers operating in the Czech Republic. These organizations provide free assistance and other services tailored specifically to you, and you can easily locate them on our service map.


Explore Our Interactive Service Map

Our objective was to create a simple and user-friendly interactive platform for newly arrived Roma and Ukrainians who have come to the Czech Republic due to the conflict. Using the service map and its features, anyone can easily find out whom to contact, where to go, and when to address everyday issues. You can filter services based on categories or regions where you are staying.


What Information Will I Find on the Website?

Our project aims to help you rebuild the stable foundations of your life that you may have lost. On the czechia.refugee.info website, you will discover an interactive service map and articles with comprehensive information on:

- Legal residence in the Czech Republic
- Job search
- Starting a business
- Education for children and adults
- Medical care
- Resolving legal and social issues
- And various other services provided as part of free advice to assist you in adapting to life in a new country.

The Refugee Info Czechia project website is available in Ukrainian, Czech, English, and Russian, and it is connected to social media platforms such as Telegram, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.


Need More Information? Contact Us!

Since December 2022, our dedicated team has been providing information and support in the field, over the phone, and on social media. The web portal contains information and articles addressing a multitude of questions we've received and processed since the end of February 2022 as part of the Refugee Info Czechia project.

The Slovo 21 team is continually available to offer online assistance. You can leave comments on social media or send personal messages, and you will receive a prompt response.

You can reach out to us through:

- Telegram
- TikTok
- Instagram
- Facebook
- Refugee Info Czechia helpline +420 480 021 004


While we do not provide legal assistance, we can connect you with non-profit organizations that offer free assistance. Feel free to use their services; they provide expert support as part of your successful integration.

You can also reach our employees through the call center (+420 480 021 004), which operates on weekdays after 5 PM and on weekends.


Information Meetings

Our mobile team conducts information seminars directly in Ukrainian or Russian in all regions of the Czech Republic to help you navigate basic life situations in your new home. For more information about these meetings, please check our social media channels.