In this article, you will learn how to obtain a driver's license in the Czech Republic and how you can exchange your Ukrainian driver's license for a Czech one if you are interested. You will also find information on registering a vehicle imported from Ukraine or one purchased in the Czech Republic.


How to Obtain a Driver's License (Průkaz) in the Czech Republic?

If you want to drive a car in the Czech Republic, you must have a valid driver's license that is recognized in the country. If you do not have a driver's license from another country, you must first enroll in a driving course, often referred to as "autoškola," and then pass a test. The requirement is that you must be at least 18 years old and provide a medical examination confirming your fitness for driving a motor vehicle. After successfully completing the driving course, you will receive an international driver's license valid not only in the European Union. Some driving schools also offer instruction and testing in other languages, such as Russian. You will need an interpreter during the test.


Optional Exchange of a Driver's License

If you have a Ukrainian driver's license, you can drive in the Czech Republic without exchanging it for a Czech license. It is not mandatory to possess a driver's license issued by the Czech Republic or another EU country. The exchange of a driver's license is voluntary and does not apply to individuals with temporary protection status.


Option to Exchange a Driver's License

If you decide to exchange your driver's license, personally visit the Driver's Registry (a municipal office with extended authority) and submit:

1. Your proof of identity (biometric travel document indicating temporary protection, visas of tolerance, residence permit for an asylum seeker, etc.).
2. Proof of your usual residence within the Czech Republic (e.g., rental agreement, utility payment receipts tied to your address).
3. Your Ukrainian driver's license.
4. A request for a new driver's license – you will receive the form at the driver's registry counter (this is a unique form that cannot be downloaded from the website).

A new driver's license will be issued to you within 20 days.


Do I Need to Register My Vehicle from Ukraine in the Czech Republic?

If you plan to stay in the Czech Republic for less than six months or have been granted temporary protection, you can drive your car from Ukraine in the Czech Republic without registration if:

1. You have valid liability insurance for damage caused by the operation of the vehicle (the "green card"). A list of insurance companies that issue green card is available on the website of the Ukrainian Motor Vehicle Insurance Office. The front of the green card lists the countries where the insurance is valid.
2. Your vehicle is in proper working condition. However, you are not required to bring your vehicle for regular technical inspections at a Czech technical inspection station.


If you have been granted asylum and your use of such a vehicle in the Czech Republic exceeds six months in a calendar year, you must register it in the Czech vehicle registry. It will also be subject to regular technical inspections.


Vehicle Registration in the Czech Republic for Ukrainian Citizens

If your vehicle is registered in Ukraine but has approval valid in the European Union, as indicated on the vehicle's manufacturing label (usually located in the engine compartment, near the right front doors, or in the trunk), you can register it in the Czech Republic and assign it a registration plate and technical certificate. If your vehicle does not have EU approval, you must undergo a technical eligibility assessment before registration.

For more information, contact the municipal office of the extended authority, which can be found using the interactive map on the Ministry of Transport's website.


Purchasing a Vehicle in the Czech Republic

If you hold temporary protection or a tolerance visa in the Czech Republic, you cannot register a vehicle for permanent use. Therefore, you will receive a registration plate for export with a maximum validity of three months. This registration plate can be extended repeatedly.

If you are self-employed (a self-employed person) in the Czech Republic, you can acquire a vehicle as a business asset. In this case, the vehicle will be registered in the Czech Republic permanently.

Starting from October 1, there will be a registry for Ukrainian vehicles. For more information about the registry and driver responsibilities regarding parking and toll roads, please read the article "Registry of Ukrainian Drivers and Driver Responsibilities."


For more information on registration, visit the "Metropole všech" website: [Link to Metropole všech](

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