If you have been granted temporary protection and do not have the means to cover basic living expenses or accommodation, you can apply for humanitarian aid. Here, you will find information on how to submit an application, what documents are required, and how the aid is disbursed. You can read about the amount of humanitarian aid in our article about changes brought by Lex Ukraine V.




When determining eligibility for humanitarian aid, all your income and property relations in the Czech Republic are assessed. Property and income relations of foreigners with temporary protection who live together and jointly cover their needs are assessed jointly, and they are provided with one joint aid. You will not be entitled to aid if you receive free daily meals, basic personal hygiene items, and accommodation.


Application for Humanitarian Aid


You can apply for humanitarian aid only through the online application (except for the first application, which can be submitted in person).

Before the first payment of humanitarian aid, it is advisable to open a bank account in the Czech Republic since this is the only way you can receive it - on a bank account. The aid is transferred to a bank's payment account (except for the aid for the calendar month in which temporary protection was granted, which can be paid in cash). Humanitarian aid is not paid if you are staying out of the Czech Republic.


What do I need to submit?


If you want to apply for the first payment of humanitarian aid, submit your travel passport to the Czech Labor Office and provide proof that you are staying in the Czech Republic on the basis of temporary protection (a visa). Similar information can also be entered into a mobile/web application.


For details on what your aid application must include, visit the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs website.


Second and Subsequent Payments of Humanitarian Aid


The aid is not automatically paid next month after you applied for it once - you must always apply for it. The second and subsequent humanitarian aid payments can only be requested through the online application. You need to provide the same documents and requirements as for the first application.


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