Here is a summary of the additional obligations for entrepreneurs (known as "živnostníci" in Czech) according to the Trade Licensing Act:

1. Clearly Mark the Place of Business and Registered Office: The place of business and registered office must be clearly marked, especially if they differ from the entrepreneur's place of residence. This includes larger premises or spaces used for business activities.

2. Ensure the Presence of a Responsible Representative: Entrepreneurs are required to ensure that a responsible representative is present during the operation of their trade.

3. Provide Documentation of Goods or Materials Acquisition: Entrepreneurs are obliged to provide documents that prove the means of acquiring the goods they sell or the materials they use to provide services.

4. Ensure the Presence of a Person Who Speaks Czech (or Slovak): If an entrepreneur is obligated to provide services or sell goods during specific hours, they must ensure the presence of a person who
meets the language requirement by speaking Czech or Slovak.

5. Notify the Interruption of Trade: If an entrepreneur interrupts their trade for a period longer than 6 months, they must notify the Trade Licensing Office in writing.

6. Notify the Resumption of Trade: After interrupting trade, entrepreneurs are also required to notify the resumption of trade activities.

7. Possess a Trade License Certificate or Certificate: Entrepreneurs are obliged to have a trade license certificate or certificate of competence in their place of business to prove their trade authorization.

8. Issue Sales and Service Documentation: Entrepreneurs are required to issue documentation for the sale of goods and the provision of services. Copies of these documents must be retained for a period of 3 years from the date of issuance.

9. Report Information to the Trade Licensing Office: Entrepreneurs are required to report to the Trade Licensing Office whether they operate a trade and provide documents confirming this fact.

10. Allow for Inspections: Entrepreneurs are required to allow the Trade Licensing Office to conduct inspections of their trade activities.

11. Verify the Identity of Employees to Trade Licensing Office Officials: If necessary, entrepreneurs must verify the identity of their employees to Trade Licensing Office officials.

Source of Information:
Ministry of Industry and Trade - informace/pro-informaci---radce-nejen-pro-zacinajici-podnikatele--225510/