Here, you will learn about your options for remote electronic communication with authorities if you prefer not to handle matters in person or through paper mail. Sending submissions to authorities via regular email is not possible, so you first need to obtain an electronic identity. Read on to find out how to proceed.


How to Submit Forms, Requests, and Other Documents to Authorities


Many authorities have forms available on their websites that can be downloaded and filled out or completed online. Afterward, you can submit your request via a special email inbox for important information called a data mailbox or by email with an officially recognized electronic signature. You can also use what is known as a Bank Identity or NIA ID.


Mobile Key for eGovernment Smartphone App


The Mobile Key for eGovernment app makes it easier to access government services online.  Once you have it on your device and set it up,   you can use it to log in to services that use electronic ID through the National Point of Entry.


You can obtain the Mobile Key (Mobile Key for eGovernment) at your nearest Czech POINT office. Czech POINT, or "Czech Filing Verification Information National Terminal," is a platform available at nearly 1,000 post offices with the Czech POINT logo. It allows you to access certified information from public administration systems, such as the Criminal Register and Land Register, and handle business registrations and data mailbox access details.

 Download the Mobile Key for eGovernment mobile application to your smartphone.


Data Mailbox

You can ask to get a data mailbox at Czech POINT contact points by showing your identification card and signing the relevant request. If you have a qualified electronic signature certificate (see below), you can send your request online. If you are an individual, the first time you make this request, it won’t cost you anything, but if you need to make a similar request again within the next  3 years, there is a fee of 200 Kč.


If you are self-employed, a freelancer, or similar, it's possible that a data mailbox will be automatically created for you. Starting from January 1, 2023 Data mailboxes are gradually being set up for everyone. If you are a new user, they’ll send you the login details by regular registered mail. You can use your data mailbox after the first time you log in, or it will open automatically 15 days after they create it if you haven’t logged in by then.


What the Data Mailbox Can Do:

- Send messages

- Receive messages

- Check the status of sent messages

- Receive delivery and receipt documents

- Verify if the recipient has a data mailbox

- Data mailboxes can handle electronic forms


Qualified Electronic Signature


A qualified electronic signature is a higher form of electronic signature that uniquely and indisputably identifies the person signing. To obtain it, you'll need a qualified certificate from a reputable certificate provider in the Czech Republic.


Visit the website of a certification authority (e.g., to learn about obtaining a qualified certificate. To acquire the certificate, you may have to undergo a process of identification and identity verification, which could include a personal visit to a certification center.


Bank Identity


Bank Identity is something like a digital ID card. It's an easy and quick way to verify that you are who you claim to be. If you use online banking, you probably already have one. Before issuing your login credentials, your bank verified your identity using personal documents. Thanks to this, they link certain details to your bank identity.


You can get a Bank Identity through your bank. Contact your bank to inquire about the possibilities for a bank identity for electronic communication with authorities. Then you can set it up and use it for online services and communication with authorities.


NIA ID (Name, Password, and SMS Code)


NIA ID is an identification method that allows for guaranteed proof of identity when logging in to online services that require a high level of identity verification. This is a two-factor authentication method. When logging in, you enter access details consisting of a username and password, which you choose during registration. Subsequently, you enter a one-time SMS code generated specifically for your login, which you will receive on your mobile phone.


You can establish an NIA ID using a registration form. Before the first use, you'll need to activate your NIA ID, either by logging in to your data mailbox or by visiting a Czech POINT contact point in person.


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