Currently, the Czech Republic is facing a shortage of doctors, which can make it challenging to find a physician who is currently accepting new patients. Therefore, we offer several practical tips on how and where to find  a general practitioner and doctors and who can assist you if needed. The most reliable way is to contact your health insurance company. You will also find information here about UA Points (Medical Care for Ukrainian Refugees), which you can also use for healthcare.


Health Insurance Company


Your health insurance company maintains a list of doctors, hospitals, and healthcare facilities with which it has contracts. In particular, it is obligated to provide you with a list of doctors who are accepting new patients. Some insurance companies may also have search tools on their websites.


Online Searches


You can use various lists and websites to search for doctors based on their field, specialization, location, and other criteria. Some popular sources include:




However, keep in mind that the information may not always be entirely reliable. Even if a doctor is listed as having available appointments, this may not always correspond to the reality, as the situation is constantly evolving.


Personal Recommendations, Local Clinics


Ask your friends, family, or colleagues for recommendations. You can obtain valuable information about doctors from people who have had personal experiences with them. Familiarize yourself with healthcare facilities in your area and search for medical practices and clinics. You can inquire directly at local healthcare facilities to find specialized doctors.


Healthcare for Newcomers from Ukraine


In 11 selected hospitals (known as faculty hospitals), UA Points have been established where all Ukrainian refugees in need of medical care can receive it. On-site, emergency medical care is provided for adults, children, and teenagers from Ukraine, and, if there is increased demand, gynecological and obstetric services are also available. Interpreting services are provided.

On the website, you can find contacts for general practitioners for adults, general practitioners for children and teenagers, gynecologists, and other specialist doctors. You can contact specialist doctors directly, or other physicians may use their contacts for consultations regarding a specific patient from Ukraine.


Social Counseling at Integration Centers and Non-Governmental Organizations

Integration centers and non-governmental organizations can also help you find a doctor.

For more information about healthcare, read the article about the Healthcare System.


Information Sources:

List of Faculty Hospitals

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