Here, you will learn what to do if you fall ill or have an accident and cannot go to work. In such cases, as employees, you are entitled to what is known as "nemocenská dávka," or simply "sickness benefit" (earnings replacement). Find out how and where to handle everything you need.


What to Do When You Get Sick or Have an Accident


It's important to have a general practitioner and visit them when you are ill or have an accident. Your doctor decides on work incapacity by issuing a "Rozhodnutí o dočasné pracovní neschopnosti" (eNeschopenka) -Decision on Temporary Incapacity for Work,  directly sent to your employer. The doctor also confirms the duration of your work incapacity. You don't need to submit or send anything yourself, just inform your employer that you won't be coming to work (e.g., call or email them). The doctor also determines when your work incapacity ends if you have recovered.


For more detailed information on how eNeschopenka works, visit here.


Am I Eligible for Wage Replacement and Sickness Benefit?


During the first 14 days, your employer provides a "sickness benefit" (nemocenská) –  this basically means they pay you the same amount you'd normally get for your work during that time. If you remain ill beyond this period, you will receive sickness benefits from the state (specifically, the Czech Social Security Administration - ČSSZ). A sickness benefit is a payment from sickness insurance. Participation in sickness insurance is mandatory for all employees, and your employer handles the insurance for you.


Self-employed individuals (OSVČ) can voluntarily pay for sickness insurance.


Sickness Benefit Amount


The basis for the calculation is your average daily income over the past year. The income is totaled and divided by the number of calendar days. The resulting amount constitutes the so-called daily assessment base. From this, a certain percentage of the base amount is paid daily, depending on the duration of your illness.


The sickness benefit rates per calendar day are as follows:

- Up to 30 days: 60% of the daily assessment base

- From day 31 to day 60: 66% of the daily assessment base

- From day 61 onwards: 72% of the daily assessment base