In this article, you will learn what to do in case you have an accident, are injured, and cannot go to work. 


If you had an accident, you must prove that it was not due to your own fault (e.g., intoxication). Therefore you need to complete a "Záznam o úrazu" form (Accident Record) or provide a written statement on how the accident occurred. If you caused the accident yourself, your sickness benefit for the calendar day is reduced by 50%.


You can roughly calculate your sickness benefit using the MPSV calculator.


When Do I Receive Payments?


During the first two weeks of temporary work incapacity, your employer pays your wage replacement for workdays. From the 15th day of work incapacity onwards, you receive sickness benefits (from OSSZ), including weekends and holidays. Sickness benefits are typically paid retrospectively within one month. Sickness benefits are usually provided for a maximum of 380 calendar days.


Your Responsibilities


If you are ill or have had an accident, you must follow your doctor's instructions. You must stay at the valid address you provided to your doctor which is recorded in your work incapacity notice. This does not necessarily have to be your permanent address. If your doctor allows you outings (up to a maximum of 6 hours per day between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.), you can take short walks, go shopping, and manage other matters. However, you must not leave the specified address beyond these defined outings, as you are required to adhere to the specific time frame determined by your doctor. At any time during your work incapacity, an inspection can take place, which is why you must have a doorbell marked with your nameplate. It's advisable to ensure that the doorbell is functional.


If you are on sickness benefits, and the inspection does not find you at the registered address, your work incapacity may be terminated, and sickness benefits may be reduced or even revoked, even retroactively.


If you need assistance or advice regarding the care of children or loved ones, you can contact free advisory services provided throughout the Czech Republic by Integration Centers and non-governmental organizations.


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