Here you will find information on where to turn when you encounter difficulties with Czech authorities. Especially when the authorities do something wrong or fail to do what they should, or when they take too long to resolve your problem. You can also contact them if officials are treating you poorly and being uncooperative. Furthermore, if someone is treating you worse than other people for no reason at the Czech offices. 


What newcomers from Ukraine can contact the ombudsman for

Citizens of Ukraine, both adults and children, can also contact the Office of the Public Defender of Rights (Ombudsman) when facing issues with authorities.

The Ombudsman can help you if authorities treat you differently due to your nationality, race, or ethnic origin, or if you are dealing with the following problems:

1. Temporary protection (your application for temporary protection was not accepted or was rejected, and you don't know why).
2. Lack of money – you were granted a too-low humanitarian benefit, or it was denied, and you don't have enough money for an extraordinary expense for which you did not receive immediate assistance.
3. The Labor Office or Labor Inspectorate did not assist you.
4. Housing – you are paying for assigned housing that should be free.
5. You did not receive accommodation in KACPU even though you provided significant reasons why you do not have it or will not have it.
6. Issues with Czech authorities regarding childcare, health, education, pension, and social services.


Information leaflets for adults and children

For more examples of when you can contact the Public Defender of Rights, refer to the information leaflets:

In Czech + Ukrainian + Russian
Versions of leaflets for children: In Czech + Ukrainian + Russian



You can send your submissions to the following email:


Links Overview

The Public Defender of Rights has prepared a list of the most important links for newcomers from Ukraine: Important links for staying in the Czech Republic in Ukrainian.

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