Here, you'll find information on what rights you have as an employed woman when expecting a child, as well as your financial security options before and after the child's birth. Prior to and immediately after childbirth, as a mother, you are entitled to maternity leave. You will learn how to proceed and the conditions to fulfill for maternity leave and, if necessary, sick leave. You will also find information on the rights of the child's father.


Maternity Leave


If you are expecting a child and are employed, your employer must allow you to take maternity leave. Maternity leave is provided for a duration of 28 weeks (a minimum of 14 weeks) if you have one child, and 37 weeks if you have multiple children. You will commence maternity leave between 8 to 6 weeks before the expected due date. It cannot end earlier than 6 weeks after childbirth.


Paternity Leave


As a father of the child, you can apply for paternity benefit within six weeks after childbirth, which you can receive for up to 14 consecutive days from your sickness insurance. From the seventh week after childbirth, you can take turns with the mother in caring for the child.


Maternity Benefit


If you meet the following conditions, you are entitled to maternity benefit for the entire duration of your maternity leave:


You have been insured for at least 270 calendar days as an employee or have paid sickness insurance as a self-employed person (in the last two years before starting maternity leave).


If you terminate your employment during pregnancy (and thus lose your insurance), and you start maternity leave within the 180-day protective period. If you have been employed in the Czech Republic for less than 180 days, the protective period lasts as many days as you were employed.


The amount of maternity benefit is calculated based on your salary. You can estimate the amount using the relevant calculator from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MPSV).


Sickness Benefit


If you do not qualify for maternity benefit, you can still receive sickness benefit. From the sixth week before the expected due date, a doctor can decide on your work incapacity, which will then be terminated six weeks after childbirth. If a doctor determines that you are incapacitated due to a high-risk pregnancy during pregnancy, you will be on sick leave and subsequently transition to maternity leave as decided by the doctor, between 8 and 6 weeks before childbirth. If you are not eligible for maternity benefit, you will remain on sick leave.


How to Proceed Upon Maternity Leave Entry


Your gynecologist will determine the due date and, consequently, the start date of your maternity leave. The doctor will provide you with a completed form that you will submit to your employer. The application form for maternity benefit can also be filled out by your gynecologist, who will have it available.


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