If you are a newcomer from Ukraine and experiencing issues with temporary protection, housing, finances, employment, healthcare, or schooling, you can turn to the ombudsman just like Czech citizens.


The Ombudsman CAN help you in the following situations:


Temporary protection:

- If the Regional Assistance Center for Ukraine (KACPU) rejected your application for temporary protection without stating a reason.

- If the Ministry of the Interior denies or revokes your temporary protection.

Financial difficulties:

- If you did not receive or disagree with the amount of humanitarian aid and have an extraordinary expense (such as a rent deposit).


- If you're having problems with the labor office (e.g., registration, retraining, or facing removal from the registry).

- If you complained about your employer to the labor inspectorate and were not assisted (e.g., unpaid wages or harassment).


- If authorities unjustly demand payment for housing you should receive it for free.

- If KACPU did not allocate alternative accommodation or exclude you from housing despite reasons why you cannot remain in your current accommodation.


- If you're discriminated against due to your nationality, race, or ethnic origin.

 With childcare:

- If you know of an unaccompanied child or a child whose caregiver is not adequately caring for them.


- If you disagree with a doctor's, hospital's, or public health insurer's approach.


- If you disagree with authorities' actions regarding education.


- If you're dissatisfied with the decision of the Czech Social Security Administration regarding your pension.

Social services:

- If you complained about a social service provider and were not satisfied with the outcome from the social services inspectorate or regional authority.


The Ombudsman CAN NOT help you, especially in cases of:

- Disputes with landlords or employers not related to discrimination. These situations must be resolved by the court.

- Disagreements with court decisions.



You can contact the Ombudsman via the following email: podatelna@ochrance.cz