In this guide, we'll help you understand where and how to sign up for first aid courses in the Czech Republic, and why they're important for you.


Why Are First Aid Courses Useful?

  • Life-saving skills: First aid courses teach you essential skills like CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), stopping bleeding, and managing emergencies. These skills can make a big difference in saving someone's life during accidents or medical emergencies.


  • Confidence and calmness: Knowing what to do in an emergency can help you stay calm and confident. This not only benefits the person who needs help but also helps you feel more prepared and in control of the situation.


  • Increased safety: By learning first aid, you'll be better equipped to handle common injuries and accidents that can happen at home, work, or in public places. This means you'll be able to provide immediate help until professional medical assistance arrives.


  • Professional requirements: Some jobs, especially those involving care for others like childcare or teaching, may require you to have basic or specialized first aid training. Having a first aid certification can make you more attractive to potential employers.

Where Can You Find Courses?

The Czech Red Cross is one of the largest providers of first aid courses in the country. They offer courses in different regions, and you can find details about locations and prices on their website. Sometimes, these courses are offered for free as part of health campaigns (make sure to check the calendars of courses on the webpages of course providers) or your employer might cover the cost as a work benefit.

  • How to Sign Up?

Signing up for a first aid course is easy. You can choose from various types of courses based on your needs and the level of training you require. Visit the Czech Red Cross website to register for a course that fits your schedule and preferences. Or check the list of first aid course providers at the end of this article.


Types of Courses Available:

This is a general outline of various types of first aid courses available based on the Czech Red Cross website. At the end of the article, we have provided you with a list of first aid course providers in the Czech Republic – their selection of courses might differ from this one as it might be more limited, however some of the providers do have courses in English – which is outlined in the list.


For the General Public:

  • First Aid Basics (12 hours): This course covers fundamental first aid skills that everyone should know, such as CPR, treating burns, and managing choking incidents.
  • Life-saving Acts (4 hours): This shorter course focuses on essential life-saving skills like CPR and controlling bleeding. It's suitable for workplace first aid training and teaches you what to do in critical situations.
  • We Understand each other, We Help Each Other (8 hours): This course teaches you how to interact with and provide basic first aid to people with disabilities and seniors. It's important to understand their specific needs and how to assist them in emergencies.

For Specific Groups:

  • Young First and Second-degree Paramedic (10 & 16 hours): Designed for primary school children, these courses introduce them to basic first aid skills and prepare them to handle emergencies.
  • Paramedic ČČK Junior (20 hours): Aimed at teenagers aged 16-18, this course provides more advanced first aid training, including CPR and wound care.
  • Medical Training for Driving Licence Applicants (6 hours): This course is a required module for those applying for a driving license. It includes practical first aid training to prepare drivers for emergencies on the road.

*Note: The list above provides a simplified overview of the available courses. For more detailed information and registration, please visit the Czech Red Cross website.

List of Providers:

  • Czech Red Cross: Offers a variety of courses for different age groups and skill levels. Visit their website for more information.
    • Website (in Czech):
      • Most of these courses are solely to be completed in the Czech language, however if you do have some specific needs or a question, do not hesitate to contact the organization directly, as they might be able to help you or direct you somewhere.
      • E-Mail of the Czech Red cross:


  • Life Support: Focuses on practical skills and is taught by experienced paramedics. Their courses are available in English as well.


  • EFR Instructor Prague (Prague First Aid): Offers English-language courses certified by the American Heart Association (AHA), ensuring high-quality training.


  • Fire Academy (Hasičská akademie): A government-run organization that provides comprehensive courses primarily in Czech, with limited English options available.


  • Offers online first aid courses in both Czech and English. However, hands-on courses are recommended for better understanding and skill development.


*Note: This list is not exhaustive. Please visit the respective websites for more details and to find a provider that best suits your needs.