This article aims to provide clear and simple information about notarial services in the Czech Republic, designed to help refugees better understand the legal processes involved.


Types of Notarial Services

Notarial services in the Czech Republic serve various functions within the legal system, ensuring the validity and legality of important documents and transactions. These can be:

  • Document Authentication: Notaries authenticate signatures on documents, granting them legal validity. This process is essential for the recognition of documents in legal matters.


  • Drafting Legal Documents: Notaries possess the expertise to draft a wide range of legal documents, such as sales contracts, gift agreements, and agreements related to property rights.


  • Probate Proceedings Assistance: In probate proceedings, notaries play a significant role in compiling necessary documentation and conducting inventories of estates, ensuring a smooth legal process.


  • Issuing Legal Certifications: Notaries are authorized to issue various certificates, such as certificates affirming the legal validity of documents and certificates of inheritance.


  • Marriage Solemnization and Divorce Proceedings Support: Notaries help in solemnizing marriages and facilitating divorce agreements, providing valuable legal guidance and support throughout these processes.


  • Delivery Services: Acting as delivery agents for legal documents, notaries ensure the timely and secure transfer of important paperwork, particularly crucial in legal disputes.

How to Use Notary Services

When using the services of a notary, follow these steps:

1. Prepare the Necessary Documents: Determine what documents you will need for the specific service you require, such as proof of ownership or identity cards.

2. Find a Notary: Choose a notary who is accessible to you and arrange a meeting with them. Below, we provide a list you can use for this. 

3. Schedule a Meeting: Contact the notary and schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements and begin the process.

4. Attend the Meeting: Bring all the necessary documents to the meeting with the notary and be prepared to fill out any required forms.

5. Sign the Agreement: The notary will explain the contents of the agreement, and once you agree, you will sign it before them. The notary will then authenticate the agreement with their signature and seal.

6. Obtain the Notarial Deed: After signing the agreement, the notary will issue a notarial deed confirming the legal validity of the document or agreement.


Overview of Notarial Service Details - Fees and Timeframes:

For an accurate estimate of notarial service fees, it's best to consult with the service provider directly. Fees may vary based on the complexity of your request and the rates provided by the service establishment. However, to give you a closer picture, here are average estimates based on prices in the Czech Republic:

Document Authentication

Fees for document authentication typically range from 200 CZK to 1000 CZK per document, depending on factors such as the type of document and the notary's individual pricing. The process usually takes place during a single visit, but the exact timeframe may vary.

Drafting Notarial Deeds

Fees for drafting notarial documents vary depending on factors such as document type and complexity. For example, the fee for drafting a simple document may range from 1000 CZK to 3000 CZK, while more complex documents may incur higher fees. The timeframe for drafting notarial deeds can also vary based on document complexity and the notary's workload.

Probate Proceedings: Fees for notarial services in probate proceedings are typically determined based on the notarial tariff and the value of the estate. For example, the fee for handling probate proceedings may range from 3000 CZK to 10,000 CZK, with additional fees for larger estates. Probate proceedings can vary significantly in duration, depending on factors such as case complexity and the number of heirs involved.


Note: Notaries CANNOT be used for legal advice, representation in legal disputes and preparation of more complex legal documents. These are typically provided by lawyers or other providers of legal services.


Providers of notarial services:

For more information and to find notarial services in the Czech Republic, you can visit the following websites:

List of Notaries: Through this link, you will access a website where you can find specific notaries along with the services they provide, categorized by region and district. The website allows you to find notarial services in your area, no matter where you are in the Czech Republic.

The website is available in Czech and Ukrainian.


Notarial Chamber of the Czech Republic: Website of the Notarial Chamber of the Czech Republic – you can find notarial services anywhere in the Czech Republic.

The website is available in Czech, English, German, and French.



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