In this article, learn what a vignette is, how long it lasts, and the prices. Find out the fines for not having a valid vignette. Discover which vehicles need a vignette and which ones don't. Get easy steps for buying a vignette online, in person, or at self-service kiosks. Also, find out how to check if a vignette is valid, change the dates, get reminders before it expires, and fix any mistakes.

What is a vignette?

A vignette is an electronic permit that allows vehicles to use the motorways, expressways, and certain roads within the country. It is used to collect tolls for road maintenance and development.  The old sticker vignettes, which drivers had to put in their windshield, are no longer used. Only electronic vignettes are available now.


Vignette Durations and Prices

The vignette is available for durations:

  • 1 day
  • 10 days
  • 30 days
  • 1 year

The price varies depending on the duration. For the current prices, please visit the Price list 2024


Enforcement and Fines

 Law enforcement officers check for valid vignettes through spot checks. If you don't have a valid vignette, you can be fined up to 20,000 CZK. So, make sure to always have a valid vignette to avoid these high fines.


Who needs to buy a vignette?

If you drive a motorized vehicle with at least 4 wheels and weighing up to 3.5 tonnes, you need a vignette. Trailers and motorcycles don't need one. Some vehicles are exempt, and we'll list those exemptions below. For a detailed map of highways and express roads requiring a vignette, see: Map of toll roads.


Which vehicles DO NOT need a vignette?

1. Vehicles running exclusively on electric power or hydrogen.

2. Vehicles transporting severely disabled citizens who have a ZTP or ZTP/P card, as long as the disabled person or a close relative is driving (friends or neighbours driving do not qualify).

3. Vehicles transporting dependent children receiving cancer or hemoblastosis treatment, with a medical certificate needed during roadside inspections.

4. Historic vehicles with special registration plates and a historical vehicle license.

These are automatically considered eligible for using the toll roads without a vignette.

There are cases, though, in which you first need to submit a notice so that your vehicle can use the toll roads for free:


  •  Vehicles operated by homes for handicapped individuals provided they serve to transport these individuals
  • Electric or hydrogen-only vehicles registered abroad


There is a form which you need to fill out and submit to qualify for this exception on this website, as well as more information on this opportunity: Official National E-Shop

Beware, there are penalties which can be issued for incorrect toll exemption claims:

- Up to CZK 100,000 fine for falsely claiming toll exemption.

- Up to CZK 5,000 fine for failing to notify authorities about a valid exemption or not informing the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure within ten days of losing the exemption.


How to buy a vignette?

Online Purchase

The easiest way to buy an electronic vignette is through the Official State E-Shop –,available in multiple languages. To make a purchase, follow these steps:

  1.  Enter the license plate of your vehicle
  2.  Select the state of vehicle registration
  3. Pay by card, bank transfer and by Apple Pay.

The website also supports bulk purchases for entrepreneurs or company fleet managers.

In-Person Purchase

You can also  buy a vignette  at one of the “points of sale”, which include branches of the Czech Post and the Euro Oil petrol station. To buy in person:

  1. Provide the type of vignette you need
  2. Give our vehicle’s license plate number and the state of registration
  3. Specify  the start date of validity
  4. Request a lower “Eco price” (ecological price) if your vehicle runs on natural gas or biomethane.

Self Service Kiosks

Another option is using self-service kiosks located around highways and important roads, mostly at state borders. These are intended for foreign drivers entering the Czech Republic, so there are a small number of them. The same information is required as for other purchase methods.

  • For any kind of purchase, the stamp can be used as soon as the buyer receives confirmation of payment.


How to manage your electronic vignette

Confirmation of purchase

   - When you buy a vignette, you get an email with a payment confirmation and an authorization code.

   - You can check the vignette's validity anytime by entering the license plate and authorization code on the website.

Buying in advance and changing the date

   - You can buy a  vignette up to three months in advance.

   - You can change the start date online before the vignette becomes valid. This is useful if your travel plans change.

   - You cannot change the date after the vignette's validity has started.

Warning of expiration

   - You can choose to receive a warning before your vignette expires.

   - The system sends a reminder email ten days before the expiry date. If you provide a phone number, you can also get an SMS reminder.

Reissuing confirmation and correcting errors

   - You can download or resend the payment confirmation with the authorization code.

   - You can correct errors in the license plate or state entry if needed.



Official state e-shop

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