Did you know that the results of the first round of the secondary school admission process have already been announced?

You can find your result by using your personal registration number on the school's website. If you were rejected, the school will also send you a decision by mail.

Read on to learn about the necessary steps you need to take in three different scenarios to continue the admission process.



The application form


The application, known as zápisový lístek, is a document that you receive at your primary school in the Czech Republic. If you did not attend school in the Czech Republic, the form will be issued to you by the education department of the regional authority (for Prague, this is the Magistrate). You can request the form in person at the department or send a request by post. Each person can only be issued one zápisový lístek.

You can submit the registration form to the school in person or sent by registered mail.


Scenarios and Necessary Steps:


  1. If your child has been accepted to two schools: You need to choose one of the schools and send the application form there. 



  1. If your child has been accepted to one school:  Even if you want to appeal to another school you still have to submit the application form  to the school where your child got accepted. You have to do this within 10 days, otherwise, your spot at that school will be given to someone else. If your appeal is successful, you can take back your application form and submit it to the school where your appeal was approved.


The deadline for submiting the application form to the school is 10 working days  starting from the day the admission results are announced on the school's website (i.e., the deadline is May 15-17, depending on the school).





3. If your child was not accepted to either school:

- Submit an appeal to both schools within 3 working days of receiving the rejection decision

- Look for free places in the second round

- Await for the results of the appeal


The appeal – When, Whom and How to Submit


It is crucial to submit an appeal if your child has been rejected, as the school will not consider you as a replacement candidate otherwise. The appeal process is free of charge.


The deadline for submiting the appeal is 3 business days after receiving the  rejection notification  from the school. The appeal should be submitted to the school manager who made the decision to refuse enrollment.


There is no standard form of appeal, but you can find an example here.

We recommend to submit an appeal as soon as you find out that your child has not been accepted.


The second round of the admission process


Since some students submitted  applications to multiple schools, after the results are announced, there are many ninth-graders who secured spots in two schools, while others have not been accepted anywhere. To balance this out the second round of the admission process takes place.


Schools are obliged to report vacant places to the district (Krajský úřad or in Prague - Magistrat), and the districts update and maintain their tables daily.

Just check the information on vacancies in the district regularly (e.g., twice a day).

There is no need to contact individual schools as they amust inform the district when announcing the second round.  

In the second round and all subsequent rounds - there is no longer a limit on the number of applications, so you can submit multiple requests at the same time.