In this article you will find a list of all the holidays and free days in the Czech Republic and on which of those days are local stores closed.


List of bank holidays:

January 1 – New Year; the formation of independent Czech Republic (1993)

Good Friday + Easter Monday – they do not have a fixed date but they are recognized as bank holidays in the Czech Republic

May 1 – Worker’s Day

May 8 – Victory Day – the end of World War II in Europe

July 5 – Cyril and Methodius’ Day – celebration of Cyril and Methodius’ coming to Great Moravia in 863, they were missionaries who are credited for creating the Glagolitic alphabet (the first alphabet to transcribe Old Church Slavonic)

July 6 – the Burning of Jan Hus – Jan Hus was a Church reformer; he was burned at the stake for heresy against the teachings of the Catholic Church in 1415 in Konstanz

September 28 – Day of Czech Statehood – this date is also a known as ‘St Wenceslas Day’, who is the patron of Bohemia and Moravia and who was murdered on this day in 935

October 28 – the formation of the independent Czechoslovak Republic (1918)

November 17 – the Fight for Freedom and Democracy; International Student’s Day – this day celebrates two events tied to Czech university students, one in 1939 (closure of Czech universities by the Nazis) and one in 1989 (students’ demonstrations against the communist regime as part of the Velvet Revolution)

December 24 – Christmas Day

December 25 – 1st Christmas holiday

December 26 – 2nd Christmas holiday


Are the stores open on bank holidays?

On Christmas holidays, New Year’s, Easter Monday, May 8, September 28 and October 28, the stores that are bigger than 200 square meters have to be closed. The exceptions to this are pharmacies, gas stations, or shops in key transport areas (train stations, airports, etc.)

During other bank holidays, it is always worth checking in advance if the stores are open or not.