In this article, you will find information about the process of transition in the Czech Republic and the recent changes in law that were approved.

This article explains the official transition process in the Czech Republic. Each transition is individual and if you do not wish to undergo this process it does not invalidate your gender identity.

The organisation Trans*parent dedicates itself to helping trans and non-binary people. They organize support groups; offer consultations and more. You can find more information on their website.

  • For LGBTQ+ support groups and online consultations, you can visit
  • There is also a Christian LGBTQ+ organization that offers support, you can find more information on

What are the steps for the official transition?

As a UA refugee with temporary protection, you have the same access to the health care system as a Czech citizen. If you wish to know more about health insurance, you can read about it in our dedicated article.

Unlike Czech Republic, Ukraine doesn’t require sterilization surgery for changing your legal documents. This is also changing in the Czech Republic soon, as you can read below.

These are the steps to take in the Czech Republic:

  1. Visiting a sexologist, who specializes in transgender and non-binary topics.
    • You can make an appointment directly; you don’t need a recommendation.
    • Disclaimer: Some sexology clinics can be outdated and therefore not very understanding, so do not be afraid if the first one is not the right one – it is worth looking into trans support groups on social media and asking for help and support.
    • You will need to visit the sexologist regularly and they will help you find out which hormonal therapy is suitable for you.
  2. Psychology examination
    • You will get an application form from your sexologist.
    • A psychologist will do the necessary assessment. They will also give you a recommendation, which will help you change your name to a neutral one.
    • You can then apply for a new ID and documents with your neutral name.
    • You can find a list of approved neutral names by the ministry here. You can only choose a name from the list.
  3. Hormonal therapy
    • If your psychologist approves you can start your hormonal therapy. Your psychologist will give you a diagnosis and will recommend the right hormonal therapy for you.
    • After a year of hormonal therapy, you can get a recommendation from your psychologist to see the board of the Ministry of Health, who approves of any operation finance by your insurance company.
  4. You can apply for transition surgery
    • If you get the approval of the board, you can apply for any operation that’s part of your transition. You can check directly with your chosen hospital and consult where to apply.
    • One of the compulsory surgeries you have to undergo in order to change your gender in your documents is a sterilization surgery. This has been recently annulled by the Constitutional Court as it goes against human rights. However, it will come into effect as of 1.7.2025, which means that the current conditions are still valid.
  5. You can change your name and gender in official documents
    • You can change your name and birth certificate at the registry office.
    • If you want a new school or university diploma, the school or university have to issue you a new one at your request.